Clean Commuting with Electric Scooters

As our awareness of climate issues rises, so does the need to find reliable and green methods of transportation. The UK produced over 351 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019, over a quarter of which came directly from the transport sector. The need for clean ways to travel and commute has never been so urgent, which is why Hikerboy UK is committed to reducing society's reliance on cars, reducing the UK's CO2 emissions, and reducing other air pollution through our hygienic and green electric scooters.

Dockless electric scooters allow riders to cut down their carbon emissions with every ride. Scooters emit half the carbon dioxide of a regular automobile, and these benefits extend throughout the entire lifetime of your scooter. Many people argue that the leasing programmes for most public electric scooters are already very environmentally friendly, but you can take your concern for the climate to the next level by investing in your own electric scooter for your daily commute. If you use your scooter for two years instead of renting one every now and then over a few months, it would cut average emissions by about 30% per mile—and make scooters the cleaner transport option as much as 96% of the time.

Besides being green, electric scooters are quickly also becoming a hygienic and safe choice. As the UK continues to adapt to coronavirus, it remains critical that people investigate independent and personal methods of commuting that are hygienic and controlled in order to prevent virus spread. By avoiding the rat race, you can coast past not only the time-consuming morning commute but any germs, viruses, or illnesses the unsuspecting public might be carrying. Electric scooters support socially distanced travel and let riders skip the congestion of public transport, an essential part in protecting yourself and your loved ones from COVID. Simply hop on your scooter, get to your location, and fold up your scooter for safe storage during the day before returning home just as hygienically as you arrived.

As a means of hygienic transport, electric scooters are some of the best options available. They create space around essential workers while providing time outside in the fresh air instead of being stuck indoors on public transport before and after long working days. Add in the undoubted environmental benefits of electric scooter use versus car use, and it’s a no-brainer. Let the Hikerboy UK staff find a scooter that’s the best fit for you today by reaching out to get started on your journey to a more hygienic and green commute daily.

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