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Electric scooters have swept the UK lately as fun and trendy technology. Despite some sceptical media coverage, the truth is that electric scooters offer many benefits for your personal and professional life. At Hikerboy UK, we believe that electric scooters are game-changing technology for urban living and commuting, and we want to make them available for all.

Electric scooters are the next generation of travel. Efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly, they are an innovative new way to commute to work, school, and everything in between. Even the government agrees, writing that “e-scooters offer the potential for fast, clean, and inexpensive travel” and ease the burden on transport networks. Skip the packed morning tube crawl and coast to work on your own personal electronic transport system, or use them as a micro-mobility aid in spaces where a larger chair or walker aren’t practical. Commuting becomes shorter, safer, and more enjoyable when you add your personal electric scooter into the mix. No matter where you’re travelling, an electric scooter can get you there quickly and safely.

Besides being travel-efficient, electric scooters also have the benefit of being extraordinarily environmentally friendly. They don’t need petrol or emit carbon-heavy and dangerous smoke, and they only need electricity to be fully active. They reduce the pressure on public transport systems by giving people more options to travel and commute, which in turn improves air quality and benefits the atmosphere for years to come. Electric scooters also last a long time. Their design is resistant to water and climate damage so you can invest now and cut your travel expenses and environmental impact in half. Our electric scooters are also covered by free warranty, meaning that we’ll help you repair your scooter free of charge to ensure you get the longest and most eco-friendly life out of your scooter.

At Hikerboy UK, we believe everyone deserves access to affordable and efficient travel. As a UK based brand, we invest in our community every day by providing clean and inexpensive electric scooters for everyone to begin using right away. We stock the best equipment and get it to you the fastest. If you order by 2 pm, we get your fully functioning scooter to you the next day. Less than twenty-four hour turnaround time is just one way we prove our commitment to serving you; we are driven to provide our customers with unparalleled service by putting the best electric scooters on the market at your fingertips at affordable prices while making a positive impact on travelling and commuting habits.

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