An electric scooter that's easy to operate. Your daily commute can be as simple as taking a walk in the park.


  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Max Speed: 25 km/h
  • Engine power: 350 W (800w peak)
  • Maximum Range: 22 km
  • Display: LCD display with eco, normal and sport modes

After one single charge, this electric scooter can drive up to 22 kilometres due to its high capacity 18650 lithium battery. 


Riders can easily switch from one speed to the other using the LCD control panel. Maximum speed for City Rider by HIKERBOY can be as high as 25 kilometres per hour.


A shock absorber is fitted to the front axle of this scooter while the rear side has drum brake and regenerative anti-lock braking system to improve safety and comfo